NLAC Holds Major Religious Services

NLAC recently held two separate and major religious services which are “Ten Days of Prayer” on January 8-18 and “Week of Prayer” on February 3-8, 2020 which were both held at Aguinaldo Balinao hall with the respective themes, “Seeking God’s Spirit” and “Mystery of the Cross”.

The 10 Days of Prayer was solely led by a foreigner freshman theology student, Edward Makumba from Kenya, Africa. Herein are his corresponding topics in the  10 days span: Day 1-Our Need of the Holy Spirit; Day 2-The Witness of the Holy Spirit; Day 3-Victory through the Holy Spirit; Day 4-The Baptism of the Holy Spirit; Day 5-The Fruit of the Holy; Day 6-The Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Day 7-Praying for the Holy Spirit; Day 8- Submission to the Holy Spirit; Day 9- The Work of the Holy Spirit; and Day 10-Abiding in the Holy Spirit.

Back in his country, Makumba, a motivational speaker who focuses on youth empowerment, a zealous and passionate evangelist, and the CEO and founder of I-Reach-Out-Kenya-Foundation (An NGO based in Nairobi, Kenya), is already a Bachelor’s degree holder in Actuarial Science from Kenyatta University in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Week of Prayer was in form of students’ devotion where selected theology college students took turn to become speakers the span for a week speaking for the college and faculty, academy, elementary, and the nightly sessions. There was also the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and the foot washing administered on Friday eve during a special vesper service.

The culmination came on Sabbath divine hour of worship with junior theology, Adonis Antolan on his topic elaborated entitled, “Freedom at the Cross”. Other theology student speakers included Mark Jealan Arriesgado, Ariel Baldoza, Mario Dala, Ruel Menor Jr., Milton Moises Miguel, Jefferson Miran, Melusi Mitchelle Thuto Otsetswe Nkiwane, Pableo Pestolante, Jr., Richard Sardual, Virgilio Valerio, Jr. following another special message presentation by Bro. Derick Daboyan on Sabbath afternoon.

Three precious souls accepted Christ as their personal Savior on Sabbath, February 8, thru baptism conducted by Pastor Arnulfo Castillo held at Tara-Tara river in Sison, Pangasinan. Those precious souls include Alpha Bandalog, Merolyn Nicolas and Donald Ganiwo, a foreigner student.


By Jacquiline P. Mendoza

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