Institutional Graduate Outcome

A.  Critical and Creative Thinker

  1. Collect, document, Analyze and validate valuable information that could be used to generate ideas, designs, systems or information with resourcefulness, imagination, insight, originality, aesthetic, judgment, enterprise and a risk-taking approach to meet current and emerging needs of society.
  2. Uses Innovative methods and Technologies to solve problems and making decisions that leads to a better future.
  3. Evaluate existing solutions, designs, methodology, or information with impartial, rational, honest, and sound judgment for the purpose of improvement and better decision making.
  4. Adapt to the changing needs of society without sacrificing one’s belief and conviction of what is true and correct.

B.  Effective Communicator

  1. Communicates effectively and confidently in written or in words to different audiences in local, national, and international settings.
  2. Listens actively to the intent and spirit of others’ words and respond appropriately and constructively, verbally and non-verbally with careful choice of words.
  3. Composes and comprehends a range of written, spoken and visual, text and aural communication to convey information that is beneficial to the society and the church.
  4. Explores ideas critically and expresses findings clearly for the purpose of establishing the truth and veracity in an appropriate forum.

C.  Reflective Lifelong Learner

  1. Critically reflects on problems and issues to shape ideas and solutions that contribute to a better understanding that is in consonance to the Seventh-day Adventist world view.
  2. Critically evaluates and reflects on their assumptions and values based from seventh-day Adventist world view.
  3. Plans, organizes, manages and evaluates own thinking, performance, behavior and well-being and the ability to balance the norms set by the government and the church.
  4. Develop the habit of personal and private devotion, study, evaluation and reflection to improve one’s self.
  5. Reflect Christ’s character, displaying love, respect, forgiveness, compassion among others to people of every race and culture.

D.  Service-Driven Citizen

  1. Creates products and performances that achieve their purpose and are appropriate for their intended audience.
  2. Develops and contributes positively to the accomplishment of team goals through collaborative processes.
  3. Develops and practices effective interpersonal skills in order to relate to others in a friendly Christian manner.
  4. Display trust and faith to God’s entire creation, this includes people, nature, and the environment.
  5. Evaluates their values and sense of responsibility through participation in a range of learning contexts.
  6. Display commitment in all endeavors to the service of God, his church and humanity.

E.  Health Advocate Driven Individual

  1. Explores beneficial effects in the application of biblical concepts and principle of health deemed to restore holistic approach for life preservation for longevity, dynamism and productivity.
  2. Develops and value physical labor, congenial relationship, meditation and worship, observance of original diet in the achievement of professional development with dignity and accountability.
  3. Exemplify a healthy lifestyle to influence endeavor as committed partners and bearers of Adventist health teachings in the fulfillment of the commissioned purpose of the Healing ministry of the church to humanity.