NLAC Workers Committed for a Cause

Amidst continual (on/off) heavy rains and showers, Northern Luzon Adventist College workers (faculty and staff) are currently undergoing a commitment for a cause thru a spiritual retreat with the theme, “Living with Jesus in Discipleship” which was in one with the theme song, “Jesus Makes More Changes in My Life”, held from June 15-17, 2018 at NLAC itself in the college library.

Guest speaker couple, Pastor Florante Andres and Dr. Miriam Andres, retired denominational workers of North Philippine Union Conference and Southern Asia Pacific-Division (for Ma’am Andres), had their presentations combined in form of lectures and group dynamics for six different sessions administered to ten different groups of faculty and staff. Each session title includes: “Jesus: Master of Discipleship” for session 1; “Coming to Jesus as a Disciple” for session 2; “Jesus in the Perspective in My Life” session 3; “Equality and the Gift of Grace” for session 4; “Jesus Call Us as His Disciple” for session 5; and “Establishing Biblical Perspective” for session 6 as expounded by Pastor Andres on Saturday divine hour worship.

Other localized resource speakers included Pastor Nepthali Mañez, NLAC president, who shared another study of biblical perspective, and also Eng’r. Sammie Pimentel in his adapted talk about “Emotional Detox” which focused on avoiding negativity rather consider positivity of attitude to stay healthier in daily life.

NLAC workers were dedicated thru commitment service on Saturday afternoon. The commitment-dedication was led by Pastor Neptahli Mañez, college president, encouraging each faculty and staff to stay focus in discipling students for the Great Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.

On Sunday will be the continued get-together social fellowship in form of a day swimming adventure at Pugad Resort in Pugo, La Union.