David & Ruth Pulido Gymnasium Soon to Rise at NLAC


Loyal alumni supporters abroad of NLAC, Dr. David and Mrs. Ruth Balinao-Pulido will soon have their named after a multi-million worth gymnasium for Northern Luzon Adventist College.Project sponsors include the generous couple, Mr. David Chow and his wife, Mrs. Mary Lynn Pulido-Chow, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. David Pulido. The Chow couple did just the same the “declaration of purpose” of the said huge project.

At NLAC today, June 6, 2018 was held the ground breaking and laying of cornerstone foundation ceremonies attended by students, faculty and staff of NLAC, Sison town Mayor Danny Uy and his delegation, workers of both North Philippine Union Conference and Northern Luzon Mission headed by the respective presidents, Pastors Romeo Mangiliman and Marvin Diaz. Likewise, some folks from barangay Artacho were also present to witness the momentous event.

In the ground breaking ceremony, Pastor Mangiliman, NPUC president, spoke about money as secondary to any project that God establishes and intervenes for He Himself as the primary is the provider of all financial needs. Thus, God should be the number one priority in all undertakings. On the other hand, the foundation for laying of the cornerstone was inspired thru the talk of Pastor Nelson de Chavez, NPUC executive secretary, who emphasized the importance of unity in any work endeavour. Thus, he encouraged each worker of NLAC to get united as one in this noble project for a cause.

The ground breaking was participated by the following: Mr. David & Mrs. Mary Lynn Chow, primary sponsors; Mrs. Ruth Pulido; Hon. Mayor Danny Uy; Pastor Marvin Diaz, NLM president; Pastor Nepthali Mañez, NLAC president; Eng’r. Sammie Pimentel, NLAC industrial coordinator; and Eng’r. Jose Opilas, Sison municipal councilor and NLAC Alumni local chapter president.
Meanwhile, the laying of cornerstone was also participated by the same primary donors, Pulido and Chow clan plus NLAC administrators, NPUC and NLM administrators and directors, and one representative from the following: literature evangelist, teacher, office staff, youth, child, and local alumni.
The very site of the said gymnasium will be the vacant lot in between the current basketball court and the elementary building. The construction starts the soonest as possible under the supervision of NLAC administration.

After the said joint ceremonies, a joyful get-together in form of a lunch fellowship amongst guests and visitors was held and served at NLAC Bakeshop.