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Secure Security

For in Him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, “We are His offspring.“ Acts 17:28, NIV.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So Jesus does not change. He uses the same methodology and approach. He requires the same. We often look at Jesus as being too strict, too exact and requires everyone by force to fall in His line. No wonder over the years, people have done a lot of self tor¬ture to prepare themselves for acceptance by Christ. Imagine where someone will live in a dirty environment, beat and flog himself intentionally, stay with¬out food for days, allow his blood to be sucked by mosquitoes—all done to please Christ! These remind me of the hermits.

My wish is that all will find security in knowing fully well that God is for¬ever willing to forgive us our sins; that He is not tired of hearing our prayers for providence, and mercy; that it doesn‘t t matter how far we have gone away from Him, when we return to Him in repentance, we see Him treating us as if we have never gone away at all; and His overall attitude towards us remains the same. We serve a God that wants all to be saved. A God whose love never ends, whose compassion never fails. Awareness of this truth is our sure security.

The major problem of most Christians is that they have not come to accept reality in matters of security. Some simply conform outwardly. They go to church as others do and participate in various activities of the church as oth¬ers do. These are not done because it is good to worship God but because God demands our worship. After reading accounts of His dealings with the chil¬dren of Israel, we fear lest we go into captivity!

Christians need to know that their security rests in knowing who God is, not in trying to know how He will act in a particular situation. We cannot pin God down to meet our expectations or we become surprised and confused when things happen the way we don‘t expect. We do well to trust God implic¬itly as a loving and caring Father whose main aim is the salvation of our souls instead of trying to find out what God will do next. We cannot by searching find out the deep things of God.

None needs to assign a percentage of trust in God. Comments like trust¬ing God 90% are out of place. It is either we trust God 100% or we don‘t trust Him at all.

Our trust needs no degree or level. It is to be total. It should be complete. We don‘t begin by trusting God and when we are getting on well, we deviate. No. We are dependent on Him always in our mental, physical, and spiritual realms of life.

Complete trust and dependence on God is synonymous with a strong security.

Reference: This is the Way by Chimezie A. Omeonu

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