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777 Prayer Habit
By: Kate Campollo

The NLAC family is participating on the 777 habit prayer every 7:00 in the morning and in the evening. The United Prayer of the Global Church of the Seventh day Adventist Denomination with regards to the revival and reformation of each Seventh day Adventist Christians.

From the faculty, this is facilitated by the NLAC Church Junior Pastor, Pastor Noel Marinas and from the student body, Student Council Vice-President Religous, Mr. Ephraim Ronquillo.

Every department have their respective schedule as well as the professional clubs namely: student council, cordillera heritage, and villagers. Early 6:00 in the morning and evening, the suited rendition of religious songs will start to play, songs that prepares them for the 777 habit prayer.

At 6:45 after the rendition, the preparation for the prayer will go next. A song entitled “Sweet hour of Prayer” will play. When the students, residing members of NLAC campus and the nearby neighbors heard the meditation and messages of the melodious song; they will pause for a moment remembering the goodness of our Creator that He provided another opportunity and life to delight in. A way for being thankful to Him for the numerous blessings that they are enjoying.

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